Shampooing Hair care

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During processing, I felt very scared on the steps which I was going to do, because it showed like I am not attending in class, but actually I did it, such as how to place the towel, forgot to wear the apron, etc. I’m the first time to demonstrate in front of the class and teachers and work on a real person but not a figure. This is the reason why I am so nervous to work on it, because the main difference between the figure and the real person is the real person has feelings, therefore I need to be more concentrated on each steps that will hurt him or let him feel uncomfortable such as the temperature of water (since we had mixed the hot and cold water again), the cleanness of his hair, etc. The difficulties on this demonstration is the container which pour water onto the hair, it seems easy on washing the top and the both sides of the head, but it is too difficult to wash the hair at the backside of the head and confirm all of it are cleaned. The other one is the gloves, after we have been washing the client’s head with shampoo, all bubbles are stay on the gloves and we did not wash it away, it will touch on the other places when we using water to wash away the shampoo, it may be increase the risk on water flow to the unwanted places such as faces, eyes, clothes, etc. I felt proud to be demonstrated well in front of my classmates and received a quiet good comment from the teachers and the “client”. I am also glad to be chosen to be the servicer, because this experience can help and inspire me how to perform better in the future and which steps I need to improve.


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