Shampooing Hair care

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It was rather smoothing and relaxing for me the whole session despite under the watchful eyes of audiences, which highlights the importance hygienic interventions contribute to not just the client's personal cleanliness but also boost one's overall well-being, by providing a period of relief within the monotones hospital life and perhaps alleviation to the pain that the client might experience elsewhere on the body. 

For a student nurse, a step by step following of procedures merely accomplish the elementary level of nursing care, that is not to underplay the importance of reciprocated practice of nursing skill in lab, as mastering the procedures is a prerequisite to a higher levels of nursing care. But one deficiency of practice on a dummy model in lab is that it put you out of touch of the responses a real client would likely express, whether it is complaining of pain or coldness. A better student could instead take every training opportunity to anticipate potential client need and act accordingly. Especially for patient which have impaired functions or mobility, such as client which receive this type of hair care. This concept requires intentional reinforcing.

Having experience it first-hand today, I also realize how important it is to maintain a constant verbal communication with the client and act as a professional, assuring and knowledgeable nursing staff. A client does felt vulnerable at times and being informed ahead of what's going to happen does makes a great difference. 

Finally, is it possible that a dedicated student be allowed filming the nursing demonstration in each lab class just so that every student, regardless of his/her pace or method of learning be given the same chance to succeed through easily accessible learning material and a supportive learning environment where one's success is limited only by one' will.


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