Analysis of large sample characteristics for pressure ulcers risk prediction in acute critical patients

YUAN Haobin, LIU Ming, GU Qin, TIAN Yongming, YAO Xiuying

Objective: To probe into the sensitivity, specificity and critical value of Braden pressure ulcers risk prediction in acute critical patients.

An iterative approach to enhance the clinical learning experience in Macao nursing education

Ming Liu, Yok Man Chan, Stephen Tee, Ken Gu, Zhi Min Luo , Thomas K.S.Wong

Objective: The aim of this study was to reduce or eliminate the stressors to enhance nursing students’ clinical learning experience through implementation of......

Relationship Between Gerontological Nursing Education and Attitude Toward Older People

Mei Hua Kerry Hsu, Man Ho Ling, Tai Lok Lui


  Background: Nursing students' attitudes toward older people affect the quality of care provided to the aging population. Although gerontological nursing has......

Nursing students’ attitudes towards older people and future career choices in Macao-A pilot study

 Mei Hua Kerry Hsu, Man Ho Ling

Background: As global ageing, Macao also faces challenges with regards to an aging population. Not many nursing students are willing to choose......

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