Analysis of large sample characteristics for pressure ulcers risk prediction in acute critical patients

YUAN Haobin, LIU Ming, GU Qin, TIAN Yongming, YAO Xiuying


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Objective: To probe into the sensitivity, specificity and critical value of Braden pressure ulcers risk prediction in acute critical patients.

Methods: This study was a crosssectional descriptive study, in which the risk assessment and factor analysis of pressure ulcers were performed in 1 547 ICU patients sampled in the objective group within 24 hours after admission.

Results: During hospitalization, the incidence of pressure ulcers was 12.09%.The risk score of Braden pressure ulcers was 6~18(12.30±1.44).When the critical value of pressure ulcers risk assessment table was 11 or 12,the sensitivity respectively was 34.6% and 66.9%,the specificity respectively was 75.9% and 43.4%.And the critical degree of the disease was 19.5 or 20.5,the sensitivity respectively was 62.3% and 56.2%,and the specificity respectively was 49.9% and 56.8%.

Conclusions: The risk assessment table of pressure ulcers could be used to predict the risk of pressure ulcers in patients with acute and critical illness. However, it is necessary to further improve the evaluation index quantitative evaluation criteria;patients′ age, length of stay and degree of critical illness should be taken into account to predict the risk of pressure ulcers.



prediction; pressure ulcers risk; acute and critical illness; critical value; sensitivity; specificity


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